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[DTRASH139] CPUWAR - Ultrapunk 5769

5. Feb 2010 Autor: fexomat | Abgelegt in: Music, Releases

[DTRASH139] CPUWAR - Ultrapunk 5769undefinedRunning Length: (89:58)Info: The legendary CPUWAR returns for this special release based upon the never-before released “”Technical Violence”" remix EP, which includes 16 remixes of the title track from artists like CPUWAR (a new 2010 composition!) SCHIZOID, TUAREG GEEKS, NOT HALF and PHALLUS UBER ALLES. Also includes the notorious EP (from 1998, over 10 years old!) reissued as Disc 2.Genres; dtrash; cpuwar; digital hardcore; dhr; breakcore; amen; breaks; dnb; drum n bass; jungle; extreme; harsh noise; white noise; live dj; dj set; hardcore; broken beatKeywords/Tags: Digital Hardcore, Noise, Breakcore, Rhythmic Noise, Drone, Jungle, Experimentalmp3 zip of album:

[RELEASE]V.A.-You Want Some Chaos? We Give You War![TNI012]

25. Dec 2009 Autor: fexomat | Abgelegt in: Music, Releases

Terrornoize Industry 12
V.A. - You Want Some Chaos? We Give You War! EP

A1:: Rotator - HXC Militia
A2:: Somtek - Hell Gate

B1:: The Outside Agency - Scandinavian Chess
B2:: Jimmy S - Inglorious Snares
B3:: Fexomat - Satanize Me

vinyl & digitals available

more infos here:

[Release] Neurotic Sound Foundation - DS012

18. Sep 2009 Autor: fexomat | Abgelegt in: Music, Releases

nsf cover
Available at:

DS012 Neurotic Sound Foundation

sum - alex joNes
sativa&destroy2K - the core
sativa - The forgotten breaks
sick&destroy2K - do it!
lorcscyric - 13-1
lorcScyric - Titan
sum - blaze up rough
lorcscyric - illusion
fexomat - warface (full version)
lorcscyric - lks 333
the noize Freaks - a serious drug collection [edit]
cheeto puente - music for zygoats

for more information visit : 2009


Available at

Title: Neurotic Sound Foundation
Release Date: 9/17/2009
Catalog#: DS012
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Breakcore, Broken Beat, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, IDM, Jungle, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Darkstep

Lorcscyric [NSF] - Forgotten Kingdom [BRA003]

9. Sep 2009 Autor: lorcscyric | Abgelegt in: Music, Releases

BRA003 Lorcscyric - Forgotten Kingdom

Click to download

release date: 13.09.09 OUT NOW!!

Brutal Attack Records [free net label]

Brutal Attack Records is a brand-new and upcoming Heavy Drum’n'Bass, Breackcore and dark Dubstep label from Germany. It was founded in 2009.We present our tracks as 320kb/s mp3 high quality downloads.

more lorcscyric:

[NSF] Sum - Oblivion (Planet Mu)

17. Aug 2008 Autor: sickhead | Abgelegt in: Releases

Released: Sep 22, 2008

2×12″ Tracklist
a1. Oblivion
b1. Hide Your Faces
c1. Sad Spirits Meditation
d1. Hell Is…

[PCMS004] TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine EP

25. Jul 2008 Autor: tvghatestvg | Abgelegt in: Releases

[PCMS004] TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails EP

Available at:


Click here to Stream Samples

The title track starts the album with a desperate tone using idm influenced effects to drop into choppy, rolling drums and a heavy sub. Mantis continues the despondent mood mixing glitch with the amen before breaking down into a slow dream-like quality. A sparse ambient piece follows to lead into Sleepwalking, that even with heavy use of distortion, has an almost ethereal state with its slow groove and melancholy pads that stretch for minutes. Circuits provides a brutal counterpart by matching the popular Soul Pride break with several layers of distorted effects.
The EP wraps up with an ambient version of the first track relying heavily on basic signal processing effects.

All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by Macc.

* A. TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails
* B. Indidjinous - Mantis (TVG Hates TVG Remix)
* C. TVG Hates TVG - There are No Penguins in Alaska
* D. TVG Hates TVG - Sleepwalking with that Girl Drinking Paint Thinner
* E. TVG Hates TVG - My Circuits are Suffocating
* F. TVG Hates TVG - Inattentive

DBM011 - Beckett - ChopXhop / Maintain Focus / Lean

10. May 2008 Autor: J.DIGITAL | Abgelegt in: Releases

default image

DBM011 - Beckett - ChopXhop / Maintain Focus / Lean

Making his second appearance on Digibeat Irish Producer Beckett provides us with another hefty 3 tracker…

ChopXhop kicks of the release with steady but intricate drum work building upto a breakbeat fueled kung fu ho down.

Next up, Maintain Focus a dirty and deep roller beckett brings the funk with this one…

Last up is Lean showing the choppier side of his sound Beckett delivers with a seriously dubbed out hypnotic steppa.

Download from hereand show some love


Pinecone Moonshine 003 - [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper/Soundbwoy

24. Apr 2008 Autor: tvghatestvg | Abgelegt in: Releases

On presale now at the Pinecone Moonshine ( )shop!

[PCMS003] [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper/Soundbwoy

The intro of Soul Cooper carefully builds suspense using a subtle break that only occasionally rolls all the way out. When the full break drops, combined with the gigantic bass, an attitude is created that could incite riots.

Soundbwoy feels like a dubstep track with few snares and heavy emphasis on kicks, rides, and an upfront sub. A few words and effects echo about above a mildly distorted harmony guiding the listener into a relaxed state.
All tracks mastered by Macc.

* A. [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper

* B. [NSF] Destroy2k - Soundbwoy

FREE 256kbs Release Out Now!

[PCMS002] TVG Hates TVG - Rusted Instruments for Broken Hands/A Day Without Caffeine

Pinecone Moonshine

[NSF] Different Thoughts - Kooldown / My Dreams

out soon on DIGIBEAT MUSIC …….

more infos and links comin soon ;)

SYNCO004 NSF SATIVA - four deadly venoms ep

1) deadly venoms
2) kashmere freeze
3) hot pants!
4) untitled

listen & buy:


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