Differnent Thoughts aka Sativa was first involved into music at the age of 8 where he learned playing piano. After getting in contact to early rave and dance music in ‘93 he started djing in 1995.
First playing acid, house and techno, he gets very soon addicted to breaks and breakbeat releated music.
As everybody knowns, the dnb scene got sick around 1997/1998 (producers forgot about the breaks). In 2000 there was so few good music in record stores that Different Thoughts realizes he has to do his own beats.
Influenced by early rave, hardcore and breakbeat, 70’s funk, soul and jazz, he started with some amen-mashups. Constantly developing, his style ranges from ambient drum’n'bass to drumfunk and neurotic soundscience (-fiction).
Different Thoughts / Sativa has released music on exegene.com, darkland recordings, dubplatelet and syncopathic recordings. Further releases on new London based label 4th dimension recordings and on syncopathic are planed for 2008.


[NSF] Sativa - hot pants! ([sub] rmx) - Syncopathic Recordings (SYNCO006)

[NSF] Sativa - Four Deadly Venoms EP - Syncopathic Recordings (SYNCO004)

NSF - Mechanisms Remix - Exegene.com (XGN027)
Download NSF VS Snaper - xgn027

NSF - Big Time! - Dubplatelet (SSBLOOD001) - 12″

Sativa - The Way Of The Dragon Pt 1 + Pt 2 - Darkland Recordings
Download Sativa-NSF - The Way of the Dragon


Different Thought - Think About It - 4th Dimension Recordings

Different Thoughts - Future Funk EP - Syncopathic Recordings

Sativa - Incredible Dub - Syncopathic Recordings

Different Thoughts - In My Dreams / Kooldown - DigiBeatMusic

NSF - Represent Our Existence EP - exegene.com


AIM: Sativa692
eMail: sativa@nsf-music.com
>>> myspace.com/sativansf <<<
>>> myspace.com/differentthoughtsnsf <<<


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