Jahba’s career in music began at an early age. With his father being an active musician Jahba was constantly being surrounded by various instruments and began picking them up for himself in his early teen years. In High School he began forming a number of bands of varying styles (punk rock, industrial, fusion jazz, etc.) In the early 90’s Jahba began toying more with the electronic aspects of music production. He started collecting drum machines, keyboards, computer multi-track programs, sequencers, samplers, and effects racks.

In the summer of 1993 Jahba got his first taste of Jungle/Drum & Bass at a local rave. He instantly set out to purchase turntables and collect as many records as he could get his hands on. He locked himself in his room and spent hours per day teaching himself the art of mixing, scratching and dj’ing.

Jahba began dj’ing local and regional raves in 1994. After several years as a DJ, he began to notice that the elements of jungle that he fell in love with were quickly being lost and giving way to a more “steppy” version. So he decided if this were the case he would learn to produce, and produce the style that he fell in love with, the mashed-up amen, chopped-up breakbeats and rolling basslines. He began producing full time in 1998. In 2003 Jahba created his now classic Warpigz VIP, a mash-up version of Black Sabbath’s original and posted a mp3 version on several internet forums. It wasn’t long before several offers came to release the tune, resulting in the release of his first 4-track E.P. and the kick off of the KRISS label based in the Netherlands, which would later boast releases form artists like Venetian Snares. Simultaneously Jahba and long time partner in crime Sumone were woring on the birth of their ragga-jungle label Mos-Hi, and one of the most successful North American ragga-jungle releases to date. Mos-Hi has continued to release 2 other 4-track E.P.’s inculding tracks from international Ragga-jungle artist’s: Ripclaw, Obookubo, Craveone. Nkogliaz, and Illicit.

Shortly after putting his cd Pabst Blue Riddim together and releasing it on his own Mos-Hi label, Jahba exiled himself from America and took to Europe where he stayed and toured for over 2 years. The result of his first U.K. appearance in Cambridge was the linking of Jahba to England’s Life4Land crew, a collective of highly talented, Dj’s and producers who have been involved in the free party movement for several years. Life4Lands members include, Monsta, Ed, Cox, Ghost, M.D.S., Twice19, Stivs, and several others. Jahba joined Ghost in producing “Bob” for Life4Land records in 2006.

Jahba crosses all borders and boundaries in genres freely; mixing and mashing-up his own unique blend of jungle, ragga-jungle, and breakcore resulting in something he likes to call Gonzo Junglizm. Combining a full on assault of disturbed breakbeats and subsonic frequency genius with over ten years as a jungle dj, Jahba ensures a live set that will drive the whole crowd mad! At the moment, Jahba has joined back up with Sumone to develop a new live performance to take on the road in the spring/summer of 2008. Jahba and Sumone will combine to form a live set long in the making including live instrumentation and vocals.

Stay tuned…


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