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in 1995 destroy2k discovers reggae and jungle which was a very inspiring experience to form his further production outputs. In the age of 17 he started djing and soon he got his impulse from dark amen tunes. Influenced from this raw material he began to produce his first mash up tunes. After a while he gets deeper in the world of breaks and decide to focus his musical experiments in that direction. Destroy`s style is influenced from 60-70th funk, dub, raegge, kung fu, horror and sci-fi movies. He always trys to keep the mood of these genres in his own musical productions. In 2007 Destroy played his first live sets and he is currently performing live drumfunk with Sativa [NSF] and Dj shows with Sickhead [NSF] alias Sick&Destroy. Destroy2k music is not interested in any rules and you should never forget! Music is a neurotic science.


Dub warrior charge - tentative records

Fireater - tentative records

Sub - crystal (Destroy2k rmx) - syncopathic

Soul cooper- pinecone moonshine

Soundbwoy – pinecone moonshine


Flyin fist of fear - fourth dimensionCome back – syncophatic rec.

Represent our exsitence e.p. - exegene


AIM: destroy2kNSF


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