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[PCMS003] [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper/Soundbwoy

The intro of Soul Cooper carefully builds suspense using a subtle break that only occasionally rolls all the way out. When the full break drops, combined with the gigantic bass, an attitude is created that could incite riots.

Soundbwoy feels like a dubstep track with few snares and heavy emphasis on kicks, rides, and an upfront sub. A few words and effects echo about above a mildly distorted harmony guiding the listener into a relaxed state.
All tracks mastered by Macc.

* A. [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper

* B. [NSF] Destroy2k - Soundbwoy

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[PCMS002] TVG Hates TVG - Rusted Instruments for Broken Hands/A Day Without Caffeine

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