[DTRASH139] CPUWAR - Ultrapunk 5769undefinedRunning Length: (89:58)Info: The legendary CPUWAR returns for this special release based upon the never-before released “”Technical Violence”" remix EP, which includes 16 remixes of the title track from artists like CPUWAR (a new 2010 composition!) SCHIZOID, TUAREG GEEKS, NOT HALF and PHALLUS UBER ALLES. Also includes the notorious EP (from 1998, over 10 years old!) reissued as Disc 2.Genres; dtrash; cpuwar; digital hardcore; dhr; breakcore; amen; breaks; dnb; drum n bass; jungle; extreme; harsh noise; white noise; live dj; dj set; hardcore; broken beatKeywords/Tags: Digital Hardcore, Noise, Breakcore, Rhythmic Noise, Drone, Jungle, Experimentalmp3 zip of album:http://www.archive.org/download/Dtrash139-Cpuwar-Ultrapunk5769/Dtrash139-Cpuwar-Ultrapunk5769_vbr_mp3.zipMirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/343637713/dtrash139-cpuwar.ziphttp://www.discogs.com/Cpuwar-Ultrapunk-5769/release/2102356