ALDEA (more infos soon)

BAD ANSWER (digibeatmusic)

CEM MC (more infos soon)

DESTROY2K (, Syncopathic, Tentative)

FEXOMAT (Future Sickness, ,ThoughtBludgeon)

GHOSTRIDER (Culturama)

LORCSCYRIC (Black Hoe Rec., Zardonic Rec., Brutal Attack Rec., Lorccore, Morbid Entertainment)


SATIVA (Dubplatelet,, Syncopathic Rec.)


JAHBA (Life4Land,, Mos-Hi, Kriss, Zions Gate, Death$ucker, Black Track, Owned Clothing)

PARALLEL (more infos soon)

SUM (Mos-Hi, Dubplatelet, Sprengstoff, JungleX, Renegade, BlackTrack, Syncopathic,


0=0 (Synaptic Plastic, Planet Mu)

DFECT (D.T.A) (Mindsaw, No Room For Talent, Combat, Black Hoe, Twisted Noize, Darkland, 18RmG, Morbid Entertainment)

FADA (SC Digital, DigiBeatMusic, Pinecone Moonshine)

J.DIGITAL (DigiBeatMusic)

MENDELAYEV (Transmute, Plainaudio, Syncopathic, Art-Tek, Acid Samovar, Break-Fast, Modulate Rec. , Vibez Rec.)

ROYALTY (more infos asap)

STRANJAH (BBA, Lightless, Soothsayer, DigiBeatMusic)

[SUB] (Syncopathic, Subtle Audio, Break Fast, DigiBeatMusic, Digi Lab, Plain Audio, Misspent Music)

TVG HATES TVG (Pinicone Moonshine)


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  • ghostrider : Flyer
  • ghostrider : \m/
  • sickhead : hell yeah !! lorc are you ready for a gig this year?
  • lorcscyric : hell?... ...HELL, ... there is something I remember
  • bad answer : hell yes

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