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Dj Ghostrider was born 1978 in Schwetzingen a small town between Mannheim & Heidelberg. His first contact with good music was in early 1980; his dad who´s singer & guitarist got him involved with the Jazz, Blues, Funk & Reggae Scene.
After 1986 things started to change; the music became to slow, he wanted it harder, faster, darker, so he started listing to Metal, Punk & Rap.
During 1992/93 a new wave came through town and in his mind, it`s called Techno… He started listening to Techno, House & Break Beat and went to the only 3 clubs in Mannheim which played these kinds of music ( Milk, Ohm, Subway ). That’s underground!
During this time Ghostrider met up with Sickhead who also was into the same music. In 1994 Break Beat changed into Jungle and after visiting his family in London the way was clear for him and he fell deep into music. In ‘94 he started djing, at this time only at home. After months of learning he played in a few clubs around Mannheim & Heidelberg.
Next we skip forward: 1999 after his time in the military Sickhead brought him back to the scene. Then in 2000 Sickhead & Ghostrider established Neurotic Sound Foundation. The reason was to bring the pepole ruffer darker and faster sound.
Since this time Ghostrider has had a lot of National bookings, the biggest being Jungle Fever, Jungle Legends, Krieg im Klub, Sound Force, The Twilight Zone, E-motion, Dynamite Club, LSD, Fight-Club and Nine Hellz…………!
4 years later he is now involved in some new international projects: Freak Releases; Visionary Souls and Culturama, that connects music with art.


AIM: Mdyerson


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