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[PCMS004] TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine EP

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[PCMS004] TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails EP

Available at:


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The title track starts the album with a desperate tone using idm influenced effects to drop into choppy, rolling drums and a heavy sub. Mantis continues the despondent mood mixing glitch with the amen before breaking down into a slow dream-like quality. A sparse ambient piece follows to lead into Sleepwalking, that even with heavy use of distortion, has an almost ethereal state with its slow groove and melancholy pads that stretch for minutes. Circuits provides a brutal counterpart by matching the popular Soul Pride break with several layers of distorted effects.
The EP wraps up with an ambient version of the first track relying heavily on basic signal processing effects.

All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by Macc.

* A. TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails
* B. Indidjinous - Mantis (TVG Hates TVG Remix)
* C. TVG Hates TVG - There are No Penguins in Alaska
* D. TVG Hates TVG - Sleepwalking with that Girl Drinking Paint Thinner
* E. TVG Hates TVG - My Circuits are Suffocating
* F. TVG Hates TVG - Inattentive


In den letzten 4 Jahren hat sich Break-Fast Audio zu einer der größten und erfolgreichsten Nächte im Norden der Niederlande
entwickelt. Break-Fast Audio legen sich auf keinen Stil fest und haben sich so einen guten Ruf als musikalisch spannendes Veranstalterkollektiv erarbeitet. Im Fokus des Interesses verweilen aber dennoch Stile wie Drumfunk, Neurofunk und experimenteller drum’n'bass. Mit 2008 wird auch das Label “Break-Fast Audio” gelaunched. Man darf sich auf einen außergewöhnlichen Katalog freuen.


Fre4knc (break-fast/NL)
amplicon (break-fast/NL)
mik (break-fast/NL)
sub (syncopathic rec./ibk)
tron (drumatic/ibk)
defekta (subtrakt/ibk)

Sa. 19.07.08
PMK/Viäduktbogen 19
start 22:00
entry: 6,-
Every tuesday from 20:00 till 22:00 CET Live at // hosted by Fre4knc

Introduce yourself.
We are DJ Sickhead and Destroy aka Sick & Destroy from the [NSF] crew. For more info about NSF, check
Need Some Funk!!

What was your first bought record?
Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchi (1982)
Prodigy/ xl
KIF - mission of madness

and a lot of other stuff

What was your first gig? Where, when, etc?
It was some illegal rave here in mannheim/germany in 1993 I guess.

What other (non dnb) music styles do you prefer?
Funk, Soul, Jazz, Trash Metal & Oldskool Hip-Hop (87-93)

Who is your favorite producer?
Photek, Source Direct, PFM, Bukem, early Ed Rush, Dillinja (93-96) and a lot more old stuff

Who is your favorite DJ? And why?
It is all about the music, not about the dj.

What are the future plans?
World Wide Terror and drumfunk will rule.

What can the listeners expect at this show?
Breakz, breakz, breakz ………. A lot of fresh NSF dubplates inside.

What does your mother think of your dj bizznizz?
Our mother thinks we are doggone crazy[/size]
20:00 till 21:00 FRE4KNC
21:00 till 22:00 [NSF] SICK & DESTROY

Tune in:
broadband [url=]128kbps[/url]
smallband [url=]64kbps[/url]

Fexomat @ TUSKA Afterparty (Inferno Club, Helsinki, 28.06.08)

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1. marilyn manson - theater
2. the berzerker - caught in the crossfire (edgey rmx)
3. d.t.a. - toy crusher
4. deathstars - the rape of virtue ( blu3 refit)
5. —johnny clash - untitled
6. antichristus - damn regrets
7. mystification - deamons stay in hell
8. killswitch engage - world ablaze (edgey rmx)
9. alec empire - new world order
10. ministry - fear
11. —underground soldiers - the us (antichristus rmx)
12. torture killer - obsessed with homicide
13. nin - burn
14. —dawndeath incinerator - untitled
15. eustachian - teleporting salesman
16. peter kurten - the sun
17. —konflict - messiah
18. cavalera conspiracy - terrorrize
19. edgey - sedition arise
20. —nwa - fuck the police
21. at the gates - bister verklighet (no security cover)
22. xaux - hardcore kids
23. m.a.c. of mad - psykotek (narcopolo rmx)
24. xaux - susan smith
25. nile - the essential salts (fexomat rmx)
26. suicide commando - murder
27. —peter kurten - extermination
28. —chimaira - empire
29. —arch enemy - end of the line
30. peter kurten - the shredder
31. scamp - vent frustrate
32. slipknot - pulse of the maggots
33. —unabomber - secret stairs
34. —edgey - seqs
35. megadeth - peace sells (fexomat rmx)
36. somtek - hardcore generation
37. vader - dark age
38. —krumble - usual terror
39. Sick & destroy - the core
40. beyonce - crazy in love
41. chimaira - pure hatred
42. —bad answer - sehr unangenehm
43. rog hardcore - neck t1(remix)
44. —canibal corpse - perverse suffering (zardonic rmx)
45. —ludacris - roll out
46. candiria - faction (edgey rmx)



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